Jimmy Nash – “One Night in Brooklyn” – “You will hear the Ed Sheeran vibe on this one, yet it has a fresh American appeal. A career musician, Nash was able to pull together some major producers for his new music and it shows. His sound has grander plans than coffee shops and bars. It is also cool to note his involvement with the charitable organization “Champions Kids Camp” which is dedicated to the nurturing of children who have survived a traumatic injury, illness, or loss. We can definitely get behind causes like that and support artists with a similar heart. This track is a straightforward heartstring plucking jam we think you will like as much as the artist himself.”

Matt Simon

Ear To The Ground Music

Jimmy Nash is a musician doing good for his community by using his music to promote awareness for causes that are dear to him. His newest single “One Night In Brooklyn” is special to Nash because it was written about his first meeting with his future wife. With such a sentimental song, Nash’s love for his wife was inevitable at their first meeting. Nash sings about his impression of her and her of his with the sing-along single.

Lindsey Borders

Contributor, AXS

What intrigued me a little more about his music is that he incorporates a variety of sounds in his music…he’s making a name for himself in the music world and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Andrew Liscio

Buzznet Exclusive Music Video Release

We sat down with singer-songwriter Jimmy Nash to talk about his new album, “The Road to 33″. After his debut show at Hard Rock Hollywood, we were able to capture the real meaning of the album and how he started off his career.
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Veena Venkersammy

Press Pass LA

Closing out the week with another brand new edition of Artist Spotlight! Today, we brush upon a singer-songwriter originally based out of Houston, TX but currently living in Los Angeles, CA by the name of Jimmy Nash. Jimmy has a clever and inventive playing style reminiscent of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson with a style and sophistication that is all his own. What really impressed me upon first listening to him was how laid back and natural his musical presence was, and wasn’t trying to do much. The only thing he was doing was just being himself and enjoying being the focal point with an amazing voice and good looks to boot. His songs have an amazing melodic syncopation that grabs your attention almost immediately from the minute you hit ‘Play’, and ensures that you’ll listen to the entire portion of his album, not just little snippets here and there. An immensely talented and gifted singer-songwriter that is already on his way to larger success. Some recommended songs to check out for your listening pleasure include: “More Than Crazy” and “Save Me”.

Music Box Pete

We interviewed Jimmy for our show Positively Houston and stayed for the concert. Wow! When Jimmy began singing the whole room came alive to his fun and energetic songs. Jimmy’s interaction with the audience between songs had everyone laughing. His performance and music was truly entertaining!

Christina Maxwell

PBS Television

I listened to this album two times in a row when I first got it – each song had flavors of my favorite groups – The Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Buffet, etc. It is my new favorite album!

Jude Kuipers

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