Jimmy Nash may have started singing at 8 years old, but his journey into music didn’t truly begin until 25 when he met his manager, and now wife, Andra.  Nash says, “I grew up in Nashville, and had always written Country, but she heard so much more than one genre for me, and introduced me to everything from Roots Reggae, to the very playlist friendly almost genre-less sound of Zero 7, to some of the amazing DJ’s creating their own samples and unique sounds that really opened my mind to so many outside of the box ways to form a song.” Within a few months of working together, Andra introduced him to Todd Hannigan, who was coming off of great success with Jack Johnson. She played Todd some of Nash’s new songs he had been writing since diverging strictly from Country, and Todd agreed to produce Nash’s debut solo album. “The Road To 33”, as it was later named, was released to great acclaim, being featured as “New & Noteworthy” on iTunes, and the first single, “More Than Crazy”, was licensed for ABC Family’s “Jane By Design.”

After the release of his debut album, Nash toured the West Coast largely, and began writing towards a second album. In the midst of this, Andra also introduced him to longtime friend and producer, Peter Wade (JLO, Marc Anthony, Natasha Bedingfield, MNDR).  Peter liked Nash’s new, more Pop ideas, and began sending tracks to Nash to topline, a term that was relatively new to Nash.  He says, “Coming from a very structured, Nashville writing background, the whole idea of toplining threw me at first. I was used to sitting in a room with a guitar or piano, and starting with a line, and building from there. For me now though, when producers send me amazing tracks, it inspires me to write a song I never would have thought of before. Plus, once I topline it, we basically have a finished product since they’ve built the track. I’m kind of addicted to it now.”
By this time though, Nash was already halfway through his second album with Todd Hannigan, but also had several tracks recorded with Peter Wade. The result was two completely different semi-albums. Nash says, “I felt so torn between the competing styles. Here I am working with 2 different Grammy-winning producers, a place I would have done anything to be in just 2 years prior, and I just felt frozen.  Ultimately, we released a 3-song EP from my work with Todd, which was already finished and mastered, and I continued to work with Peter, who began pitching several of my songs for placement with other artists. Then though, I just felt like I needed some time to keep writing, singing, and collaborating with other great writers and producers, until I really had my own sound, and songs that I would want to sing for the rest of my life. During this time, Andra and I got married (she decided to manage more than just my career!), and moved from LA to New York, which was really good for me to experience the music scene there, which had a much different feel than LA.  Here I wrote a song called ‘Walls’ that Peter really liked, and he pitched for nearly 2 years. I remember when he told me we got it placed as a feature in a House track. I was so stoked to have my first success in the Pop field.  It was used by Purple Disco Machine, and he made an awesome music video for it, which I have probably watched 300 times by now. This was a huge push forward for me, especially hearing it played on BBC 1. It really made me want to do even more.”

Nash’s latest release, “One Night In Brooklyn,” is a culmination of all his experiences, and collaborations over the past 6 years, as well as the development of his relationship with his wife/manager, Andra.  Nash says, “I wrote ‘One Night In Brooklyn’ to be just like the story of how I met my wife, except that all names, locations, and other details have been changed.  Seriously though, it’s basically our same story, but reimagined if it happened all in Brooklyn, instead of across Texas, LA, Florida, and eventually New York where we moved in 2014 (One Night in Spring, TX just didn’t have the same ring to it). I asked Todd again to lend his talents to produce the song, but then I asked one of my favorite new producers I worked with through Peter, Dave Sharma, to mix it through a little more of a Pop lens, and I had it mastered at Abbey Road. I’m really thrilled with the result, and excited to end 2017 with the kind of song I will be happy to sing for the next 5 decades at least!”

When not busy writing, or singing, Nash loves to surf, golf, help his family’s charity, Champions Kids Camp, learn new languages, and search for shells on the beach with Andra.