I often say I’m “really excited” whenever I have a positive response to my music. I wanted to sound more original than that today, so I broke out the old thesaurus to say that I’m extremely enlivened, enraptured, and adrenalized to receive such a great response for “One Night In Brooklyn!”

The good people at AXS were so kind as to premiere my lyric video for “One Night in Brooklyn”, and Ear To The Ground Music gave me an amazing review, and listed me as one of 4 Must Hear Songwriters. Thanks so much for the love!  There’s a snippet below of each, and links to the full articles. Enjoy and thanks for listening to everyone!

Lyric Video Release & Interview on AXS

“Explaining why he wrote this single, and how it’s special to him, Nash relates to AXS that ‘I wrote ‘One Night In Brooklyn’ to be just like the story of how I met my wife, except that all names, locations, and other details have been changed. Seriously though, it’s basically our same story, but re-imagined as if it happened all in Brooklyn, instead of across Texas, LA, Florida, and eventually New York where we moved in 2014 (One Night in Spring, TX just didn’t have the same ring to it).'”

Ear To The Ground Music – 4 Must Hear Songwriters

“You will hear the Ed Sheeran vibe on this one, yet it has a fresh American appeal. A career musician, Nash was able to pull together some major producers for his new music and it shows. His sound has grander plans than coffee shops and bars. It is also cool to note his involvement with the charitable organization ‘Champions Kids Camp’ which is dedicated to the nurturing of children who have survived a traumatic injury, illness, or loss. We can definitely get behind causes like that and support artists with a similar heart. This track is a straightforward heartstring plucking jam we think you will like as much as the artist himself.”