I’m not sure what happened in 2016, but I’m glad we made it to 2017 before we lost anybody else. Seriously, as an Artist myself, it was starting to feel like one of the Final Destination movies, and it won’t stop until every writer, musician, or actor goes well before their time. Please know I’m not being glib, I am deeply saddened by so many talents we lost without warning. I can’t list them all, so I’ll just say my heart goes out to all their friends and family.

Now for me, I actually had some great times in 2016. I was really stoked to get my first feature with Purple Disco Machine on “Walls”. It’s always awesome to hear your own work re-imagined, and he did a fantastic job, and made me want to dance (and hopefully a lot of other people as well). Had un buen viaje a México, where I finally got to practice español por mucho tiempo (yes, I speak more Spanish than that, but didn’t want to have to keep placing the accent marks). I also just learned a lot about working hard on your goals, and finding the right path that works for you.

So onto 2017, despite all the craziness that is still spilling over from the previous year which shall not be named, I am highly optimistic for what it holds. Maybe that’s just because I had more caffeine than usual today, but hey, whatever gets the job done!

Lastly, I know this hasn’t been a particularly informative post, so here’s some cats typing to round out the week!